About Us

Thank You So Much for Your Interest in PsyChicks

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves!

First and foremost PsyChicks is a collective. We provide a fun, relaxed, and welcoming environment for the spiritually gifted and curious. Through our FREE to join Facebook group, Instagram profile, this website, and media ( podcast and blog ). Our key motivating value is to support the spiritual economy by bringing together people who provide spiritual services with consumers who are looking for them. By creating a strong, high-engaged, visible community we can assist in the generation of sales of spiritual niche products and services to our audience.

How we were founded

We are a subsidiary of BP Creative Marketing. A marketing agency that provides social media advertising services for passion-driven entrepreneurs. We were founded by Brandie Peters the head of operations and key strategist at BP as a vessel to help BP's spiritual niche' clients find more customers in an economical way. BP provides the marketing services for the PsyChick collective members in exchange for a % commission. All PsyChick collective members will pay a monthly fee to be listed on the website.


BP Creative Marketing, PsyChicks and the PsyChicks Collective are independent business entities and operate separate from the PsyChicks listed on this website.
The PsyChicks Collective is a marketing service. Our PsyChicks operate businesses outside of BP Creative Marketing and are not employed by the agency. That said, we do hold a high standard of qualification to be listed as an endorsed PsyChick member on this website. Any complaints about the quality of service provided by the candidates listed on this site can be directed here: info@psychicks.ca

Proudly Canadian!

PsyChicks is a Canadian enterprise. We are proudly located in Alberta Canada. Our PsyChick Collective members however, may be located anywhere in the world.

Asset Trademarks

The PsyChick mascot and branding is a unique asset designed specifically for the PsyChicks brand. Duplication, or display of this mascot in any of its variations outside of merchandise purchased on the website is prohibited. You must acquire permission to display PsyChicks logo, mascot or other website assets anywhere, including online. We will pursue legal action if the mascot or logo is found to be used without our permission.

Quality of Service

Here are the key quality of services values that we adhere to.

1. ) Genuine Benefit to Customer
We want you to have a positive experience with us. Please let us know how we can improve!

2.) Fair Compensation For PsyChicks and Fair Price For Consumers
We have based the pricing on all products on the PsyChicks website based on our research into similar services.

3.) Human Connection and Customer Support
At this time the PsyChicks team is small but mighty! Let us know if you need anything and we will gladly accommodate you.

4.) Entertainment Purposes
Please understand that because spiritual abilities cannot be fully proven our quantified we must disclaim that the use of our services and participation in our community or network is for entertainment & networking value only. All participants do so willingly and in good faith.

5.) Safety
Identities of the PsyChicks listed on this website may or may not be their true identities ( some may be operating under an adopted alias ) - we do not disclose personal details beyond their profile listings. We do not even hold access to specific details such as true location ( home address ) , phone numbers, or history of our collective members. Since we are a liason service we respect their privacy and list only the information that they provide ot us on the website. Please DO NOT disclose details that you do not feel comfortable sharing to any of our PsyChicks during your session.

6.) This is NOT a counseling service
We are aware that there is a blurry line between personal counseling and spiritual services. This is our full disclaimer to say THIS IS NOT a counseling service. The wellness advice given during your session is to be take at face value. DO NOT make any consequential life , health, or personal decisions based on these sessions. Please take care of yourself and immediately consult with a medical or mental professional if you are looking for health-related assistance.