Unlocking Your Intuition 3 Day Workshop Hosted By The PsyChicks

Unlock Your Intuitive Abilities To Eliminate Your Limitations FREE 3 Day Event With The PsyChicks

Go from not quite believing in your own intuitive abilities to trusting yourself fully & completely.

Have you ever wondered if you have any supernatural psychic abilities?
Well of course you do! We all do.
We all have the ability to tap into our innate six sense.
We all have a built-in internal compass as well as spirit guides who speak to us and try to guide us in life.
The difference however, is whether or not we are open to listening and if we are willing to accept the unseen.

Would you like to feel more confident in your intuitive abilities?

Having the confident ability to trust yourself and be your own sturdy guide is the first stepping stone to transforming your life and creating a better reality for yourself.

When you doubt your instincts and instead look for external validation it can lend to a lot of dissatisfaction, lack of control and low self-esteem.

When you see your true power, own your abilities and learn to use your intuition to make bold transformative decisions for yourself, magic begins to happen.

Over 3 days in The PsyChicks Facebook Group We will Be Doing Trainings, Workshops and Expert Guest Speakers all on The Topic of Unlocking Your Intuition

You will enjoy conversations and learning from professional psychics, healers, and mediums about their experience with realizing their own gifts.

We will be teaching simple, practical strategies for every day women who wish to use intuition to make decisions, achieve their goals, and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

This will be a fun 3 day event with plenty of engagement, community interaction, and personal growth.

Will you join us? Would you like to RSVP for this 3 day event? June 4th, 5th and 6th. Sign up below with your email to receive reminders + access to the replay links for this event.