Virtual Summer Festival - Summer Season Jubilation

A Jubilation of the Summer Season, a virtual festival hosted by PsyChicks. Participate in a week of intuition development, self-discovery & community connection!

A week of FREE activities and content on the topic of personal expansion, developing your intuitive abilities and celebration of your authentic self.

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"The Summer Season Jubilation festival is a fun way for our members to connect inside of the PsyChicks community. It is also an amazing opportunity for you to celebrate yourself and be inspired to take inspired, transformative action, evolving YOURSELF with the turn of the new season."



Have you ever wondered how a person goes from being just another  “normal everyday person” to someone who embraces and shares their spiritual gifts with others?

Our PsyChicks will tell you…

During the Summer Jubilation Celebration each of our PsyChicks will take the virtual stage ( via FB live ) and share their story of transformation. How awakened to their spirituality, the development of their modality & gifts, and some of the lessons they learned along the way. If you enjoy hearing people tell inspiring tales of triumph, revelation and personal evolution, then you will truly enjoy these conversations. Participate and ask questions live in the follow up Q&A. These sessions are 100% free to attend. RSVPing will get you the notifications for when each PsyChick will be going live so that you can tune in.

Do you believe that you have supernatural gifts, but have not yet embraced them or don’t feel 100% confident in what they are?

Throughout the Summer Jubilation Celebration there will be private workshops and seminars ( virtual via zoom, attend from anywhere ), where you will be able to learn about various modalities, intuitive types ( the ‘clairs’ ) , and skills ( tarot, palm reading, mediumship ) so that you can become more informed about the different ways you can tap into your gifts.

The purpose of these sessions are to inform as well as build confidence, as we at PsyChicks believe that everyone has gifts they can use to serve themselves and others - they just need to trust!

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The intent of the Summer Season Jubilation is to create more connection and understanding inside of the PsyChicks community.

We have very quickly grown to a group of over 10K members so we wanted to create a fun, virtual festival where you could get to know us, our mission, the PsyChick Collective members, and each other.

Other planned activities:

  • Soul Self Unveiling Costume Night; post a selfie where you are embodying your most authentic self. Elaborate costumes, over the top make-up, spirit animal embodiment is encouraged.
  • Meet & Mingle mixer. Hop into our open video chat room for a fun ice-breaking mixer
  • Friday Night Jubilation Virtual Rave; we will be “watch partying” an amazing DJ set. ( DJ TBA )
  • Guest Speakers! We are excited to pass the mic to some AMAZING guest speakers. ( Full line-up TBA )
  • PsyChicks Panel. For the first time ever, groups of our PsyChicks will take the “Virtual Facebook Live Stage” together to talk on a variety of topics. ( Panel schedule TBA )

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    What is included at V.I.P levelAccess to small group educational workshops:

    1. Intro to Tarot - with PsyChick Tiffany

    2. Intro to Astrology + Horoscope - with PsyChick Ginnie

    3. Intro to Human Design - with PsyChick Angie

    4. Using community to market your spiritual business - Hosted by PsyChicks Founder Brandie Peters

    More V.I.P events to be announced...

    PLUS Bonus Annie Pin , PsyChicks Decal, Summer Jubilation Postcard sent to you ( will arrive after the event , while supplies last ) 
    PLUS *Recorded Replays to all V.I.P Events

    More Featured PsyChicks

    Ama Taria

    Question: If it is FREE in The Group Why Do I Have to Sign Up???
    Please RSVP so we know how many to expect to be participating!

    • We are trying to get a sense of participant numbers during that week. If you want to participate inside of the Facebook Group with any of the free events during the week then please RSVP. It is incredibly helpful to us since Facebook can be unreliable showing our event notifications when they are happening.

    UPGRADE to Include a 1 Hour Reading or Healing Experience

    If you are as excited by the Summer Season Jubilation as we are and want to really make a week of it. Why not add a 1 hour reading experience with a PsyChick of your choosing?

    For people who RSVP we are offering a special promotion of $59.99 for a reading all June. To access this special price. RSVP and Book Your Session. All June Bookings are eligible!



    Let's come together as community and connect in a meaningful way. Help us making this the best virtual festival ever held!