Who Are PsyChicks?

Welcome to Our Community & Collective 
Please allow us to introduce ourselves!

Do you love all things that are psychic, paranormal, spooky, and spiritual?

Great so do we.

Have you ever felt like the other "spiritual" online communities are too stuffy and don't suite your dark sense of humour or casual approach to spirituality and personal growth?

Great so DID we.

PsyChicks was born to serve a need for a fun, casual, not too stuffy spiritual safe space. We welcome our members to be their weirdo alien selves and we celebrate ( and appreciate ) all different world views and perspectives.

"The purpose of the PsyChicks online community is to provide a safe haven for those who are newly discovering their intuitive gifts and who are curious about the metaphysical and spiritual realm. We want to provide a place where newbies and casual hobby-psychics can feel at home with access to those who are more experienced acting as generous mentors. Our goal is to make sure that no matter who you are or where you are at in your journey of expansion and growth, you feel supported, accepted and wrapped in healing & love."

Meet Our Collective: Your Teachers and Group Hosts

The PsyChicks community ( currently our FREE Facebook group, Instagram, and Youtube channel ) are maintained and moderated by The PsyChick Collective members.

The PsyChick Collective are experienced, psychics, mediums, energy healers, and transformational coaches who create educational content and resources for our community.

The PsyChick Collective members are also available for 1 hour session in their chosen modality, that you can book here on the website if they resonate with you.

On each PsyChicks profile they have described their gifts, experience, as well as what you can expect to experience in your one hour session.

You can also read reviews from previous clients who have had positive experiences with our PsyChick Collective members!

View all of the Current Active Collective Members Profiles Here

How to Become A PsyChick Collective Member

Do you have a spiritual offering that you would like to promote inside of our community? Please feel free to read up on the collective here. We will walk you through the process of applying to become a collective member. Note: not all who apply are accepted, you must have some professional experience providing remote psychic readings, mediumship or healing services to be considered.

Events, Trainings, Resources & More

Want to go deep with us? We provide virtual events, both free and pay to attend, resources such as classes and guides, as well as media content via our Youtube channel and upcoming podcast. There is so much that we want to share with you and the best way to access it all is to join our FB group and make sure that you are subscribed to our emailing list so that you don't miss out!

The Merch Shop

Building PsyChicks has been a substantial venture and there has been a lot of volunteer time and energy input to make it happen.

If you love what we are all about and you want to contribute in some way, please consider making a merchy-perchy in our shop. Our merch has been made with love and is the only official place you can get items decorated with the PsyChicks mascot Annie. We have created fun designs that we knew our community would enjoy.

Our Founder Brandie Michelle

Brandie is a big part of what makes PsyChicks, the special place that it is. Brandie Michelle is a gifted creative visionary intuitive with a passion for building sustainable businesses built on a foundation of community. 

What else would you like to know? We're friendly and would be happy to hear from you. Send us your questions via a message on Instagram.

Please Enjoy! All that we have to Offer.