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BA Unicorn Tarot Deck *LIMITED NUMBER

BA Unicorn Tarot Deck *LIMITED NUMBER

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Materials: paper, tarot cards, cards, magic, love, drawing, ink, art
One of a kind hand drawn illustrations!

The Deets:

    Need some tough truths delivered in a cute package? This hand-drawn, digitally illustrated Tarot deck is a collaboration with our PsyChick Kai.

    Kai designed this deck with love and care. This is a full 78-card deck .

    Support an Indie Tarot Card Creator AND add some whimsy to your spiritual life.


    Things to Know

    ✔️ PsyChicks has an exclusive collaboration to sell this deck, you will not find it anywhere else except listed on Kai's etsy. Any other listings of this deck you see are not authentic or authorized.

    ✔️ PsyChicks only HAS access to a limited number of these decks. We want them all to go to good homes.

    ✔️ When you purchase this deck from us you are showing support to the PsyChicks Community, are growing collective, and the spiritual economy

    ✔️ Because we are a small ( but mighty ) operation it may take 2-4weeks to receive your order but the wait will be more than worth it. ( We promise! ) 

    All of the B.A Unicorn decks will be shipped from the USA. Please be patient waiting for yours to arrive. Your Unicorn Deck will be packed in a velvet satchel.

    Exchange Only - No Returns Unless Item Arrives Damaged

    Do you have room in your heart and home for this hard-hitting unicorn bestie-deck?

    About This PsyChicks Collab!

    We have a limited number of these Unicorn decks from PsyChick Kai to share it with you! She is compensated for all of your purchases. If you would like to ALSO include a reading with Kai in your order, you can meet with her face to face via zoom and she will read your cards using her original deck!

    MAGIC right!? 🦄


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