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Email Reading With Brandie Peters

Email Reading With Brandie Peters

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Email Reading With Brandie Michelle Peters

Are you looking for support, encouragement and intuitive guidance without needing to get on a 1:1 call? PsyChick Brandie MIchelle Peters is offering email tarot card readings that include an in-depth write up and a short video. This email reading will be delivered within 1-2 business day. You will be able to communicate with Brandie via text or email about your reading. 

How Email Readings Book

1. Pay for your reading, cost is $39.99 CAD , the conversion is $29.50 USD

2. You will get a PDF download that includes your question submission link form. You click on that form and submit your inquiry. Once this is received it will be 1-2 business days for your in-depth response and short video to be delivered to your email inbox.

Why Choose An Email Reading Rather Than A Live One?

Email readings are an affordable way to engage with a member of the PsyChicks Collective without needing to find time for a 1:1 call. 

It is an affordable way to support the work of a PsyChick and all that they contribute to the community as well as get to know them if you are considering hiring them for more in-depth services.

Many PsyChicks are very skilled in channeling and articulate communication. The write up will be more in-depth and specific. It is something you can refer back to at any time. 

A video will be provided. To assure that you know that your reading is a unique message for you, a short video from your PsyChick will also be provided. This video will be the voice of your PsyChick sharing some insight as well as any special message of encouragement that they have for you.

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