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PsyChick Jo Adkins

PsyChick Jo Adkins

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Intuitive Reading With Jo Adkins

Hi, my name is Jo Adkins and I am an intuitive, healer and guide. I provide a self empowerment and wellness based spiritual guidance. 

Empowering people is a passion and I have done so by assisting people in creating their version of lifestyle and wellness. I specialize in whole wellness combining the elements needed for each individual to succeed in creating their version of life.
Born during a time of great changes and extreme unrest taught me adaptability and the power of doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. I grew up when human rights and the space race were competing to be front page news.
Both classically and adaptively taught from childhood there were many healers of all forms and faiths with whom I was able to study. I learned to hone my skills and acquire the information needed to help people heal.
As an intuitive and healer I listen to share real solutions that can be applied simply and practically in everyday life.
Life and various challenges my own as well as those of family and mentors have given me experience beyond my years. As an intuitive this has also allowed me many frames of reference to draw upon a deeper understanding of us as individuals and our needs in everyday life.
I've used my years of experience in study of wellness and healing and life experience as an intuitive healer to help people. My own experiences overcoming and healing from trauma, abuse, and illness give me a deep understanding of what is needed and how to create wellness in every aspect of life.

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What Is A Reading Experience With Me Like?

A session with me is supportive and encouraging. I provide a calm, genuine space where you can relax and open up. Each service I offer is designed for the self empowerment and wellness of each client. The goal is for me to listen and provide the sought after information and tools that allow the individual to create their best version of their life. Every experience is different, because every person is different. You are listened to, spoken to, asked questions relevant to you, and provided options based on what you are wanting to create.

How To Book A Session With Me

1. Checkout here on this page
2. Check your inbox you will get an email confirming your booking with my calendar link
3. Book a date and time for your session
4. Show up! It is very important that you keep your appointment or give notice if you have to change times as the refund policy is no refunds for no shows.

No time for an in-person reading?

I also offer affordable email readings for $39.99 and you can book one of those right here. 

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